Short Written Content, Captions, or Listings

Last updated on December 7th, 2016 at 05:46 pm

  1. WordPress contunues to be the blogging platform.
  2. Keeping original theme by WordPress. Twenty Fourteen.
  3. Design of Twenty Fourteen is in magazine format.
  4. This is not my first self-hosted blog.
  5. All images taken from the Creative Commons, Flickr.
  6. May have slight visual editing on every images.
  7. Every post will have images or my original photos.
  8. Short written content, captions, or listings.
  9. Every post to revisit and optimize.
  10. Continue to work on other blogs at a pace.

“…your image has been selected for the curated VSCO Grid, a collection of the finest mobile imagery on the internet.”

Selected for VSCO Grid
Selected for VSCO Grid


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