Deep Focus to Express Depth of Field

Taken this shot with a deep focus. It gives an expression of the first person looking at the flower.

In optics, it is called depth of field or point-of-view effect.

With depth of field, it creates blurry background on the distant and a sharper focus on the subject matter that is near.

iPhone 7 Plus, 8 Plus and iPhone X have telephoto camera to achieve this.

The f/2.8 aperture and digital zoom features. Technically speaking, telephoto lens has longer focal length with 85mm or greater.

That makes the capturing of close up object achievable with deep focus.

If using the f/1.8 wide angle, you will have to go very close the the subject. Like say, 5cm away.

Essentially, composition in the photography is to obtain a background at distant and a contrast of near focus subject matter.

A lens with a focal length shorter than normal is often referred to as a wide-angle lens (typically 35 mm and less, for 35 mm-format cameras), while a lens significantly longer than normal may be referred to as a telephoto lens (typically 85 mm and more, for 35 mm-format cameras). –Wiki