Continue To Create and Inspire, VSCO

Last updated on December 30th, 2015 at 07:23 pm

It has been a great honor for my imagery to be recognized by VSCO.

A great encouragement for me to continue to create and inspire. And again, it’s the fifth times my photos has been selected for curation.

In contrary, having an account on instagram is a great way to social and to share images across the globe.

However, to many who used of seeing others, so called the ‘elites’ or the ‘chosen ones’, having the astronomical numbers of likes and followers can be very daunting and depressing at times.

Very often, and seemingly proven so, that this social signals are the indicative metric for audiences to know there are the best of the best breeds.

Thereafter, one follows another to perform the same ways of doing it. Trying to create stunning images and gains lots of like. It is just like trying to reinvent the wheel.

Are there inspiring? I bet there do. Literally, there certainly do; in one way or another, for a generic group of fans, and because there are the ‘chosen ones’.

After all, the common aim is to build a social community, isn’t it?

For example, a food photographer following a popular instagramer who is good at surrealistic art. Or, a film photographer following a dSLR artist creating impressionistic works.

These grammers can produce images to be surrealistic by good editing skill. Some dSLR users can produce a very good impression by photoshopping, such as long exposure with trailblazing lines.

I guess you can name them as ‘fashionable visual art’ or trending art.

Visual art is like literature, there is no wrong or right so long one is able to proof it by attaining a level of interest to supporters.

For example, Realist painters rejected Romanticism. None can say the latter is totally wrong, despite gaining popularity for realist art. Agree?

I meant, there is nothing wrong with following. To some extent, its actually good to be open and learn some editing tricks from them, if applicable.

Wouldn’t mind one ended up with some fusion art and a new genre is born in the whole universe.

However, true talent has got to have consistent direction. His artwork speaks about his personality.

I think going against the odds also speaks about one’s confident too.

In this era on the rise of social media, one’s art sense could go derailed if overly obsessed by high numbers as metric.

To be more specific, I refer them as social ‘noise.’

So its up to the viewer who has the art sense to appreciate their works.

Aesthetic appreciation in photography require one to be isolated from these social ‘noise’, in order to stay firmly in the right direction to create and inspire.

Thankfully, VSCO is the right source for me to follow and to learn from.

It just suits my personality.

I really hope to have more of my contributed work to be selected again.

VSCO, thank you!

VSCO, with Distinction
VSCO, with Distinction