Close up Photo of Daisy Flower

Capturing a photo at close up should produce details of the subject.

Applying deep focus to express depth of field or simple point-of-view method works brilliantly.

This close up photo shows a single stalk of a star-shaped flower.

Commonly known as aster or daisy. It belongs to the sunflower family.

You can see on this image showing clearly some of the pollens deposited on its petal.

That’s the point of close-up or the fundamental in art of detail photography, to simply say.

This single stalk of flower is recognised by the flower disk (center yellow) and the flower rays (purple strap-shape petals).

The word “Aster” comes from the Greek word, “Astron”, meaning star.

“All nature wears one universal grin.” – Henry Fielding

I also want to capture the colours.

It’s lavender-blue colour stands out from the surrounding, thus, expressing contrast in colours.

It has only 8 flower rays which is probably a young stalk or different Asteraceae spices.

The surprising fact from wiki source mentioned “currently has 32,913 accepted species names, in 1,911 genera and 13 subfamilies.”