Capturing a view from top to bottom

Capturing view from top to bottom gives a sense of depth-of-field.

Top to bottom as in right angle to the horizontal plane. Or, about that view point in an steep angle to flat ground.

For example, at high floor looking down to the ground level.

This flower photograph is taken with a smartphone. Capturing a view to a low level but not above my standing height.

The sense of depth-of-field refers to bokeh. Blurry background, subject in front or atop is sharply focused.

Taken from tea plantation on a day-hike

Taken from tea plantation on a day-hike. It is lightweight when using a smartphone camera.

It shows another shot of tea leaf flower with more bokeh (blur) effect on the far background.

Beside the taking photo from 6 cm away from the subject, adding “Tilt Shift” effect will enhanced the ‘bokeh’ effect further.

Notes: LEPTOSPERMUM scoparium ‘Appleblossom’. Commonly known as Manuka, New Zealand tea tree. Leptospermum scoparium ‘Red Damask’ (d)

Photographing your subject with your hand

Photographing your subject with your hand.

This is Usnea (松蘿) and it has medicinal uses. Commonly known as Old Man’s Beard.

Usnea is a indicator of very clean ambient air in the surroundings.

This plant is ultra sensitive to Sulfur Dioxide (SO2). The colourless gas is a byproduct through combustion route, such burning material made from sulfur.

So far, I only encountered Usnea twice in two different hike at about the same elevation of 1,600 meters above sea level.